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Thank you and 2010 Masterlist

Thank you to everyone who participated in our December 2010 holiday fest. We’ve had some amazing entries from some very talented people, some writing their very first fics. We had a total of 45 entries this year. 10 pieces of art and 35 fics.

Thank you to my co-mods; remuslives23, nursedarry, torino10154 and especially red_day_dawning, who was my go-to person when I had computer hassles. I couldn't have done it without you ladies!

I would also like to extend a special mention to whitestar who helped me compile the prompts list; and also to the wonderful werewolfsfan for her tireless efforts searching out the recs all of you made. Thank you lovelies!

If you intended to participate in our defunct July challenge and didn't give us a link to the entry once it was posted at your journal can you please do so in the comments? I'd like to include them on the masterlist. :)

Without further ado, the 2010 mini_fest Masterlist!

celestlyn wrote Grand Noble
sabinefrappe wrote Happy Christmas, Father?
centaury_squill wrote Christmas 1980
sdkshelly wrote (Not Such) A Dreadful Holiday
kantayra wrote The Legend of the Accursed Fruitcake of Camlann
dexstarr wrote The Peacock and the Snitch
purple_lights wrote A Christmas Desire
luvscharlie wrote Bill Weasley Has A Tiny Willy (just ask Charlie)
kitty_fic wrote The Purrr-fect Gift
eprime wrote A Charming Predicament
mabonwitch wrote Freeze and Melt
roadkill2580 wrote Day Off
k8matty wrote Drunken Parties and Unexpected Presents
cathedralcarver wrote Lake Effect Snow
sassy_cissa wrote The Perfect Gift
kitty_fic wrote Our Little Secret
et_tu_lj wrote Christmas Past
slu64 wrote Gift of Fate
dysonrules wrote Christmas Stockings
w_x_2 wrote We're Pregnant
naturegirlrocks wrote The Nightmare before Christmas
dani_meows wrote Christmas in Wartime
alafaye wrote Announcements
bk03 wrote Second Chance in the New Year
treacle_tartlet wrote While the Snow Lay Round About
keppiehed wrote The Gift That Keeps On Giving
silenceberry wrote Delighting in Your Company
enchanted_jae wrote Christmas Stockings
red_day_dawning wrote Inhaling Joy
babydracky wrote Best Enemies
sesheta_66 wrote In the right hands
torino10154 wrote Just the Two of Us
alafaye wrote A Kiss on Christmas Eve

leochi drew 80's Christmas
deathjunke drew An R/S Christmas Story
vividescent drew Magical Christmas
leochi drew Luna's snow angel
dirty_darella drew Snowball fight
moonlitdark drew Trapped
leochi drew Narnia Magic
vividescent drew A Christmas Wish
moonlitdark drew A Dark Little Christmas
leochi drew Lonely Christmas

bk03 wrote Moving on
enchanted_jae wrote To Snog A Snake
naturegirlrocks drew Anniversary Gift

I hope to see you all again in August when prompting opens for the 2011 fest!
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