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Fest 2020: Anonymous Masterlist

Thank you again to all the wonderful authors and artists that joined in again this year and made mini_fest a success! All the entries have been amazing and we couldn't have asked for better participants! THANK YOU!

Please enjoy the anonymous list of works and please take a moment to leave your love and appreciation! ♥ Reveals are scheduled to go up on the 7th/8th January!


A shop sign | Read by: BLUEDREAMING | Harry/Draco, G


Holiday AU [Sirius/Remus, G]
An AU featuring a soft!Remus. Kind of inspired by a twitter post I saw regarding "hard lines" for men and society telling you how to create your men and women in art.

Christmas Sleepover [Harry, Teddy, G]
Teddy is excited to spend the hols with Harry.

An Evening Like No Other [Pansy/Ginny, G]
Pansy loves a fancy dress function. But she loves even more the way that dress fits on her long time girlfriend. As the night goes on, Pansy can't keep her eyes off Ginny.

Teach Me How to Love [Percy/Oliver, PG-13]
If staying at Hogwarts for the holidays meant having an empty dormitory room all to themselves, Percy and Oliver were completely fine with that. That just meant having more time to touch, tease and caress each other without any interruptions.


The Ethical Treatment Of Mistletoe [Harry/Hermione, PG]
The holidays come to the Ministry, and Harry and Hermione get caught up in the decor.

Festive Mood [Amelia/Molly, PG]
At Christmas 1987, Amelia appreciates feminine grace.

Comfort and Tidings of Joy [Harry/Snape, R]
"Potter, what are you doing lying on the floor?" Severus asked, sounding pained.

Dance With A Twist [Parvati/Harry, PG]
Harry ponders why Parvati went to the Yule Ball with him and comes to a realisation.

Unexpected Cheer [Luna/Blaise, G]
Luna finds an unexpected surprise at the end of a floating cookie trail.

Unexpected Visitor [Hermione/Neville, PG-13]
A brief moment under the mistletoe leads to a new discovery.

Guessing Working on Christmas wasn't so Bad [Lily Luna/Cormac, NC-17]
Rather than taking the day off, Lily Luna Potter decides to work on Christmas before spending the evening alone. When her boss, Cormac McLaggen, shows up on her door upset over a memo she had sent, despite his explicit instructions not to work that day, her night takes a completely different turn.

A Non-Christmas Non-Romance [Minerva/Snape, PG-13]
Severus Snape doesn't do Christmas. And he certainly doesn't do romance.
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