mini_fest_mod (mini_fest_mod) wrote in mini_fest,

A very MINI mini_fest for 2020!

Art by cremebunny

I'm so very sorry that we are so late to the party this year.

I know a few of you have asked about a mini_fest for 2020, and I've crawled out of my hibernation cave to try and offer a very small version of our fest this year to keep the tradition going.

I'm not expecting a large turnout, but if you'd like to send us some prompts or submissions we'll have a modified fest this year.

We will follow the same basic fest rules this year, except we'll have a modified posting schedule depending on how many submissions we receive.

(We won't be able to post every day in December, but even if we have just a very few signups/submissions we'll post them all in one go on or near Christmas.)

Prompting: November 28 - December 1
Signups open: December 1
Last day to send your work: December 20 (but the earlier the better)
Posting Start: TBD depending on number of submissions

It'll be a smaller fest this year, but please spread the word and send us any holiday ficlets or art and we'd love to share them!
Tags: 2020, fest: guidelines, fest: mod post

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