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2018 Mini Fest Final Masterlist & Reveal!

Thank you to everyone for making Round 10 of mini_fest a success! As always, you were fantastic with all the holiday and seasonal love!

Thank you to all the authors and artists who supported the fest once again by creating! And thank you so much to those who read, commented, and recced!

I love this fest! It's definitely one of my favorites with such bountiful riches of holiday creations and such a wide variety of pairings and characters all in one place to enjoy! THANK YOU!


onthecount drew Matching [Ron/Hermione, Family, G]
The Granger-Weasley's get geared up for Christmas Day with matching pajamas.

milotzi drew Not So Bad A Christmas After All [Severus/Minerva, PG]
Severus insists he hates Christmas but with the help of a friend he finds some Christmas joy.

keyflight790 drew Longbottom Christmas Tree Farm [Neville, G]
Neville Longbottom runs the most festive Christmas Tree Farm with his wife in the outskirts of London. Stop by and treat yourself to some of Hannah's famous mulled wine.

enchanted_jae drew Dressed to the Nines [Pansy/Millicent, G]
According to the prompt, Pansy and Lavender are dressed to the nines for a holiday party. :D

gabriellajane drew Gift Wrapping [Harry, Draco, Ron, Hermione, G]
Patterns and Christmas

milotzi drew Christmas, a Good Book and You [Minerva/Severus, G]
For Minerva, the best part of Christmas comes after the official part is over.

digthewriter drew Mistletoe Magic [Ginny/Pansy, PG]
Caught under the mistletoe. It's not magic that keeps them together but their desire.

anokaba drew Christmas Courage [Harry/Draco, PG]
Potter doesn't seem to be getting any hints, so Draco takes matters into his own hands.

abyss_valkyrie drew Searching for nargles [Luna - G]
Luna was searching for nargles but what she found were far more mesmerising.

gabriellajane drew Peace (Molly, Rose, G)
Molly and Rose enjoying a quiet evening.

abyss_valkyrie drew Snowflake in your lashes (Pansy/Ginny - PG)
Pansy held back a smile as Ginny leaned in and kissed the snowflakes off her eyelashes.

digthewriter drew I can't wait. (Harry/Draco - G)
Harry doesn't want Malfoy to get away or worse, kiss someone else at midnight, so he doesn't wait. Draco is pleasantly surprised.

sugareey drew Undressed (Pansy/Ginny - R)
Dressing up in the leather jacket and trousers at Blaise's New Year's Eve party was one way to get Ginny Weasley's attention. Now, Pansy couldn't think of anything else she'd rather do than undress Ginny and ravish her gorgeous body.

sugareey drew To New Beginnings (Harry/Draco - PG)
The New Year's Eve party at the Red Raven is in full swing. Harry is content after having a few drinks and spending time with catching up with friends. Then, Draco suddenly appears out of nowhere and slides next to Harry in his booth. Before Harry can say anything, Draco pulls him in for a tight hug, murmuring a soft, "Sorry I'm late," and "I've missed you," in his ear.


reeby10 wrote The Perfect Gift [Charlie/Draco, G]
The extended Weasley clan does a Secret Santa and Draco gets the perfect gift from someone he never expected.

maraudersaffair wrote Under The Mistletoe [Pansy/Ginny, PG-13]
Pansy was happy that Draco was in love with Potter. She just wished she could avoid Ginny Weasley.

goddess47 wrote Scenes from an Illness [Severus/Harry, PG]
Harry felt a diagnostic spell wash over him and he screamed... the pain... everything went black.

digthewriter wrote Blended Magic [Neville/Charlie, PG]
For the past three years, Neville has been attending the Weasley Christmas dinner. This year, there's something different about it. And it has nothing to do with Malfoy at the table.

sorakaizoku wrote Family is the best gift [Harry/Draco, G]
Harry gets a surprise and Draco gets everything he ever wanted this Christmas.

mykesprit wrote Sleepy Drunk [Draco/Hermione, PG-13]
Draco takes a drunken Harry back to Grimmauld Place—and is surprised to find Hermione Granger also living there.

imera wrote Cold Feet [Percy/Oliver, NC-17]
Being the only ones their year who stayed at Hogwarts during the Christmas holiday Oliver has an idea of doing something he hadn’t done since he was younger, he soon realises things aren’t the same when you’re a teenager.

reeby10 wrote The Worst Thing [Draco/Neville, G]
Neville says they need to talk, but it’s nothing like Draco was afraid it was.

themightyflynn wrote A Very Hufflepuff Christmas [Ernie/Justin, G]
Ernie has a plan.

maraudersaffair wrote I've always wanted you [Remus/Severus, NC-17]
Remus spends Christmas Eve alone at Grimmauld Place. Severus visits him.

reeby10 wrote Easy Welcome [Ron/Viktor, G]
Ron brings his boyfriend to his first Weasley family Christmas.

imera wrote Midnight Confessions [Harry/Dudley, NC-17]
For the first time in years, Harry spends the holidays with the Dursleys. When his aunt and uncle head to bed the cousins both forgive and confess.

sassy_cat wrote The Worst Christmas? [Severus/Minerva, G]
It's Christmas of 1981, and Severus has no reason to celebrate.

reeby10 wrote Early Morning Kisses [Ginny/Millicent, G]
Ginny wakes up early Christmas morning to find her girlfriend already gone from bed.

goddess47 wrote Grounded [Harry/Severus, PG]
"Tell me why I agreed to travel this way, again," Severus said.

maraudersaffair wrote Happy Christmas, Nev [Draco/Neville, pg-13]
Neville runs into Draco at a Muggle bookshop and they spend Christmas together.

onthecount wrote Kind Decorations Are Going To Be Used [Harry/Draco, G]
Some things can't wait.

imera wrote Just My Luck [Draco/Ron, G]
Just his luck having to hand in an extra assignment so he wouldn’t risk detention, just his luck that five minutes before the deadline a magical mistletoe would be the thing which could make him miss his deadline, and just his luck that the one stuck with him was the most snotty brat in the entire school.

reeby10 wrote Unexpected [Millicent/Dudley, Harry/Luna- G]
It’s time for Dudley and Harry’s annual Boxing Day lunch, and it’s time for Dudley to introduce his girlfriend to his cousin.

reeby10 wrote Firsts [Draco/Neville, G]
It’s Draco and Neville’s first Christmas together, which turns out to be a good time for other firsts.

articcat621 wrote In Her Arms [Hermione/Pansy, NC-17]
Hermione didn't expect her Christmas Eve to turn out the way that it did… Which she finds out isn't such a bad thing.

phoenix_fancies wrote Alone For Christmas [Hermione/Draco, G]
Hermione’s boss wants her to get out there, so she does.

monkiainen wrote The Longest Time Away (Or How Luna Made Cookies Of All Kind) [Luna, Harry, G]
Luna does not understand Harry's obsession with gingerbread cookies. Luna's attempts with cookies are... well, Luna-like.

reeby10 wrote A Lonely Christmas (Pansy/Ginny - 520 - G)
Christmas decorations aren’t so nice when all they remind you of are the people who are gone.

emansil wrote "Joy to the Fishes in the Deep Blue Sea, Joy to you and Me" (Draco/Neville - 2698 - PG-13)
Neville and Draco enjoy Christmas morning with Neville’s parents. Afterwards they have their own Christmas traditions of their own to follow.

starduchess wrote Blessing of the Mistletoe (Harry/Luna - 500 - PG-13)
Luna experiences a host of firsts under the mistletoe. She knows that's always a good omen.

shadowspun wrote The Teddy Bear (Teddy - 618 - G)
A muggle toy is a surprise for Teddy Lupin and the Weasleys.
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