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2017 Mini Fest Final Masterlist & Reveal!

2017 Masterlist & Reveals

Thank you to everyone for making Round 9 of mini_fest a success! As always, you were fantastic with all the holiday and seasonal love!

Thank you to all the authors and artists who supported the fest once again by creating! And thank you so much to those who read, commented, and recced!

I love this fest! It's definitely one of my favorites with such bountiful riches of holiday creations and such a wide variety of pairings and characters all in one place to enjoy!

kiertorata created Sweeter Than Pudding [Ginny/Luna - G]
"You're sweeter than pudding." "Luna!"

shadowycat created Head of Hufflepuff: Pomona Sprout [Pomona Sprout - G]
Pomona makes sure her charges remain warm and comfortable.

mystkyten created Sleigh Ride [Harry/Draco - G]
One of them gets de-aged - the other has the responsibility of taking care of the child during the holidays

mywitch created Dashing Through the Snow [Draco/Hermione - G]
Oh, the things you gotta do when you're a hard-working wage slave! ;)

enchanted_jae created Snow Proposal [Harry/Draco - G]
Some Christmas surprises are better than others.

jax_withoutmoon created No More Ferrets [Harry/Draco - G]
Harry really likes holidays.

shadowycat created Head of Slytherin: Severus Snape [Severus Snape - G]
The Heads of the Hogwarts' Houses prepare for the holidays.

citrus_lime created A Brat's Life [Harry/Draco - G]
Taking care of the mini version of him is predictably hard... until it's not. Really, he should've known and asked Parkinson how to make Draco - well, mini Draco - stop crying.

mystkyten created Little Lost Boy [Harry; Scorpius - G]
Harry owns a shop in Hogsmeade, it's Christmas Eve and in comes a little blond boy looking for his father.

nearlyconscious created Fire Kisses [Millicent/Pansy - PG]
They'll swear to the others the Firewhiskey made them do it, but they both know better.

scarlet4beats7 created Kiss me under the Mistletoe [Harry/Draco - PG]
Lately Harry and Draco have been tailing one another. Will a simple mistletoe finally help their feelings to come in terms or will they keep on staying in denial.

shadowycat created Head of Gryffindor [Minerva McGonagall - G]
Minerva wraps gifts for those she cares about.

mystkyten created Xmas 2017 [Harry/Draco - G]
Christmas with all the kids.

abyss_valkyrie created Caught under the Mistletoe [Hermione/Fred - PG-13]
Fred and Hermione get caught under the enchanted mistletoe, probably the work of the twins.

anokaba created The Longest Night [Harry/Draco - PG]
Every Winter Solstice the waning Holly King waits for his beloved Oak King to awaken. He sits in darkness and stillness for this one night together - the longest night.

decynthus created Underwear for Christmas [anonymous pairing - NSFW]
Even this underwear seems to be unwanted.

nearlyconscious created Pretty like a present [Daphne/Pansy - G]
Albus Dumbledore has a plan. And it's a good one. Because he's a very clever man.

dustmouth created Distracted Decorating [Harry/Draco - G]
Draco attempting to decorate while Harry does his best not to fall out a window while snogging.

froeken-pest created Winter Lights [Harry/Draco - G]
Every year, they meet at the same spot to celebrate and enjoy the winter lights.

shadowycat created Head of Ravenclaw [Filius Flitwick - G]
Filius decorates the castle.

llap115 created Romantic Sleigh Ride[Harry/Draco - G]
Everyone knows that sleigh rides at sunset are romantic. So Harry thinks he knows what to expect when Draco surprises him with one. But, Harry, have you forgotten that you are both wizards? ;-)

sugareey created A Late Winter Night [Harry/Draco - PG]
Everyone knows that sleigh rides at sunset are romantic. So Harry thinks he knows what to expect when Draco surprises him with one. But, Harry, have you forgotten that you are both wizards? ;-)


kiertorata created A Kiss for Good Luck [Ginny/Pansy - PG-13]
The Ministry New Year's Gala is a bore. Count on Pansy Parkinson to make it even more unbearable.


alisanne created A Family Christmas [Andromeda; Harry/Draco implied - 3100 Words - PG]
The definition of family can change over the years, as Andromeda discovers.

titti created Brandy and Eggnog, There's Plenty of Cheer [Ron/Pansy - 2147 - R]
Ron and Pansy end up very drunk and in Ron's bed on Christmas Eve.

reeby10 created Mistletoe Annoyance [Draco/Neville - 850 - G]
Draco is annoyed by all the mistletoe popping up around the castle. That is, until he finds out who has been putting it up and why.

lilyeyes created Dear Father Christmas [Harry - 3700 - PG]
Harry has never been allowed to write a letter to Father Christmas.

alafaye created The Gingerbread Competition [Harry/Draco - 1489 -PG]
Andromeda has entered the competition for many years now, though she's never won. Narcissa was looking for something to do. Too bad they both think they can win. (Post war.)

kinkthatwinked created Partners [Harry/Ron - 16296 - PG]
Set during the Goblet of Fire novel. Harry’s been informed he has to have a dance partner for the Yule Ball. He’s refused other girls and put off asking Cho until the last minute, only to find she’s already taken. Ron, in a veela haze, asked Fleur to much public embarrassment. Now they’ve just been told that even Hermione and Ginny already have dates, leaving them with few options and very little time.

unbroken_halo created Fairy Lights [Draco/Astoria - 731 - G]
Draco shares the family tradition of decorating with Scorpius.

leontinabowie created Santa's Lap [Harry/Charlie - 760 - PG-13]
Charlie is working as a Father Christmas at a Muggle mall, and Harry goes to surprise him. Harry’s the one who gets a surprise in the end.

snax0 created To Share Moonlight [Teddy/James - 500 - G]
A cold Christmas evening, a moment of peace, a gentle kiss.

unbroken_halo created The Ransom [Hermione/Fred - 742 - PG]
Hermione gets trapped by a Weasley prank and must pay the toll.

maraudersaffair created Mistletoe [Remus/Severus - 2200 - NC-17]
Sirius catches Severus under the mistletoe. Remus is not happy.

reeby10 created Miscommunication [Ginny/Pansy - 983 - PG-13]
Pansy and Ginny have quite different views of what their relationship is, and that makes Ginny inviting Pansy home for Christmas a little confusing.

gin_biscuit created The Cherry Conundrum [George/Viktor - 7000 - PG-13]
It's the annual bake-off and George, who is an avid hobby baker, has been really looking forward to show off a new composition. But he didn't count on the competitions new rules—or on Viktor Krum making an appearance where George didn't expect him to.

roelliej created Santa Claus is Coming in Brown [Harry/Ron - 629 - NC-17]
Harry had been a good boy all year. Would Santa pay him a visit?

titti created All Hearts Come Home For Christmas [Draco/Charlie - 3100 - G]
Charlie takes Draco to the Burrows for Christmas Day

burnin_up_a_sun created Ho-Ho-Holiday [Scorppius/Albus - 1777 - R]
Scorpius and Al are spending the hols at Hogwarts, and all the other Slytherins have gone home. Isn't that weird?

monkiainen created Is That Feeling Of Flying [Severus/Remus - 640 - PG]
Remus only wanted to spend Christmas somewhere else than Hogwarts. Is it too much to ask?

evening12 created A Little Bit of Fun [Ginny/? - 1700 - NC-17]
Ginny was simply looking for an evening of dance, drinking and fun.

leontinabowie created Temptation [Harry/Percy - PG]
Harry is everything that Percy aspires not to be, but Merlin, Percy wants him.

sw33tch3rrypi3 created Song for a Winter's Night [Harry/Draco - 5869 - PG]
When tragedy strikes, Harry Potter retreats to muggle society. Five years later, he’s volunteering at a homeless shelter when his past walks through the door.

articcat621 created Her Prince in Billowing Robes [Hermione/Severus - 1500 - PG]
A faked relationship brings some real emotions to the surface.

kellychambliss created A Cunning Plan [Albus Dumbledore & the Hogwarts Staff - 2700 - R]
Albus Dumbledore has a plan. And it's a good one. Because he's a very clever man.

lyonessheart created My only wish [Harry/Draco - 2598 - PG-13]
Some Wishes can't be granted with money.

reeby10 created Lookin' Up [Lavendar/Pansy - 783 - G]
Lavender’s long holiday shift takes a turn for the romantic.

angelofamore created The bet they should have kept their hands off[Hermione/Fred - 1800 - PG-13]
Christmas at Grimmauld Place isn’t a tranquil feast, is it?

pollyweasley created Unusual Secret Santa [Harry/Draco - 1740 - G]
Secret Santa was their annual tradition. That one was special, though. It was the first time he drew Draco as his secret santa, and it was the first time Pansy suggested a theme: sexual objects. Harry was a little nervous about the present he bought, but he hoped Draco would like it.

titti created Payback Is A Bitch [Teddy/James - 1590 - PG]
Jamie isn't the only prankster in the Weasley family and he learns it on Christmas Day.
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