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2016 Mini Fest Final Masterlist!

mini_festMasterlist & Reveal

Thank you to all the authors, artists, and pinchhitters that joined in and made mini_fest a success once again! As always, this fest was a delight with so much wonderful holiday fic in one place with such a wide variety of pairings and characters! We had 53 fabulous entries this year! You amazing people brought all the spectacular holiday love!

Thank you so much to all who support the fest by creating, reading, commenting, reccing and more!

If you haven't made it through all the fantastic works here, it's never too late! Feedback is always appreciated!


shadowycat drew Warm Christmas Magic [Minerva - Rated G]
There's powerful magic in a mug of Hot Chocolate!

theimpossiblegl drew Good Behavior [Severus/Rosmerta - Rated G]
*ahem* On behalf of Severus Snape, I would like to announce that the only reason he is wearing this “ridiculous monstrosity of a hat” is because Rosie promised him 365 days of oral pleasure if he behaved himself on her favorite holiday.

epithalamium drew No time like the present [Harry/Draco - PG]
You're all I knead this Christmas.

centaury_squill drew Thelma the Thick-nosed Thestral [Hagrid - G]
Hagrid has his own unique way of celebrating Christmas.

theimpossiblegl drew Hot for Teacher [Minerva/Severus - PG-13]
Sadly, after Severus’s first Christmas season at Hogwarts, Dumbledore cancelled all further faculty parties. Apparently, seeing a slightly tipsy Minerva transfigure her dress robes and seduce her former students had a negative effect the Headmaster’s tender sensibilities.

lemonade8 drew Help Will Be Given [Hermione/Neville - G]
Neville gets away from it all on his lonely New Year's eve, Hermione is miserable at a formal function at Hogwarts and the hat takes steps to bring them together, since it's quite fond of Neville. She's not the sword of Gryffindor, but she's just as sharp and just what he needs.

akatnamedeaster drew Santa's Little Helper [Severus - G]
After his unfortunate demise, Severus Snape is conscripted into the role of Santa's less than jolly alter-ego and punisher of naughty children everywhere. He loves his new job.

mywitch drew Muggle Magic [Severus/Petunia - R]
Petunia shows Severus that Magic isn’t everything.

digthewriter drew Escaping the Christmas Party [Harry/Draco - PG-13]
Harry and Draco escape their holiday party for some alone time.

8c drew Skate Date [Albus Severus/Scorpius - G]
Scorpius is determined to succeed at what Albus calls "classic muggle dating."

akatnamedeaster drew Dashing Through the Snow [Sirius, Buckbeak - G]
Two old friends meet up for a Christmas Eve joyride.

dustmouth drew Snowfall [Harry/Draco - G]
Harry, Draco, and friends take a walk in rather a lot of snow. (Or the one where this sweaty Australian indulges in the snow fantasy)

mywitch drew Feliz Navidad! [Severus/Hermione - G]
Clearly, 25 years in Puerto Peñasco will relax anyone.

sugareey drew Cold Kiss [Harry/Draco - PG-13]
So many thoughts are running through his mind as he feels his heart beating faster and faster. He knows it's now or never, but it doesn't make him any less terrified. Draco stops walking and stares at the snow on the ground. Was he really going to do this? "Draco? What's wrong?" he hears Harry ask him gently. Exhaling a cold, shaky breath, Draco finally looks up into green eyes before pulling Harry close and kissing him on the lips.


unbroken_halo and akatnamedeaster collaborated on Chocolate-coated Christmas Kisses [Severus/Sirius - 1412 - R]
A Christmas prank has interesting side effects as Sirius learns something new about his lover.


reeby10 wrote An Important Visit [Charlie/Draco - Rated G - 1080 Words]
Draco’s nervous about meeting Charlie’s family for Christmas.

fangqueen wrote Something To Be Thankful For [Marcus/Oliver - Rated PG-13 - 2699 Words]
How could it be that he’d managed to find safety and comfort in one of the most unlikely of places?

iamisaac wrote The Ministry Ball [Harry/Luna - Rated PG - 2500 Words]
Who would have thought that love might be found at a Ministry ball?

naarna wrote With A Little Help From Hermione [Harry/Draco - Rated PG-13 - 6670 Words]
Secret Santa at Hogwarts with every House participating in the name of unity - Hermione suddenly finds herself in the position of a matchmaker.

enchanted_jae wrote Something About Percy [Percy/Oliver - Rated PG-13 - 980 Words]
Oliver spends the hols at the Burrow, surrounded by Weasleys. One Weasley, in particular, has caught his fancy.

goddess47 wrote Starting Anew [Harry/Severus - Rated G - 1750 Words]
Harry had no where else to go...

alisanne wrote Dinner and Dessert [Scorpius/Rose - Rated NC-17 - 1260 Words]
Melding families can be difficult, but it has its fun moments, too.

reeby10 wrote Bright Lights and Glittering Snowflakes [Ginny/Pansy - 846 - G]
Pansy takes Ginny to Rockefeller Centre for Christmas.

articcat621 wrote Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? [Hermione/Severus - PG-13]
When Hermione hears that Severus has never built a snowman, she determined to show him how to do it.

unbroken_halo wrote Wintersong [Harry, Andromeda, Teddy - 1299 - PG]
Winter mornings are best spent with family and good food.

kittyaugust wrote Names and Dreams of Futures Past [Harry/Draco - 1700 - PG]
Draco gets hit with a de-aging curse over Christmas, and Harry has to look after him. Introspection ensues.

lrthunder wrote Chaotic Christmas [Ron/Hermione - 816 - PG]
It's their first Christmas with two children. Dirty laundry, piano lessons, and scattered Christmas decorations only add to the chaos and fun.

gin_biscuit wrote Escape [Harry/George - 1600 - NC-17]
Harry is in no mood to celebrate Christmas Eve at the crowded Burrow. He takes up the chance to go check up on George, who isn't too keen on joining the festivities either.

hdwriter wrote Jealousy Works [Harry/Severus - 1100 - PG]
After Harry grows jealous of Severus's attention to other men, he decides to try the same trick.

rosevalleynb wrote Christmas Spirit [Katie/Marcus - 3948 - PG]
After being apart for nearly a year, Katie pays Marcus a visit.

felixfvlicis wrote For in our great sorrow, we learn what joy means [Harry/Draco - 1719 - PG]
The remnants of the war stained Harry and Draco’s first Christmas, shadows of dark forces pulling them apart, uprooting them from the earth -- viciously, aimlessly -- thrusting them into the polluted atmosphere of their inescapable memories.

paopu_parachute wrote A Christmas Tree With A Thousand Lights [Molly/Arthur - 1400 - G]
Every year, Molly and Arthur make sure to get an ornament for their Christmas tree to remember the past year by and so every Christmas they get to relive the life they've built together.

reeby10 wrote More Important [Cherlie/Draco - 962 - G]
Charlie wants Draco to know he doesn't need to be alone for Christmas.

imera wrote A Little Snow [Harry/Draco 1500 - G]
It was just a bet, it wasn’t supposed to end the way it did.

naarna wrote Just With You [Draco/Astoria - 3920 - NC-17]
The morning after the annual Christmas party at the Ministry, Astoria wakes up hung-over and tries to recollect the events of the night before.

alafaye wrote Christmas Morning [Tonks/Remus/Severus - 550 - G]
Christmas morning and Remus, for the first time in years, gets to sleep in.

carpemermaid wrote Weasley Wrapping Party [Ginny/Luna - 1887 - G]
Out of all of their traditions, Ginny always thought this one was the strangest, because wrapping presents at the Burrow is always a struggle.

kittyaugust wrote Green as Slytherin Grass [Astoria/Albus Severus - 1275 - NC-17]
Revenge is a dish best served à la Slytherin.

lilyeyes wrote Always and Forever [Severus, Harry - 4950 - PG]
Severus nearly has a coronary when Dumbledore let’s slip that he placed Harry with Lily’s hateful sister, Petunia. He knows better than anyone how jealous Tunney was of Lily’s beauty and magic and is concerned about how she will treat Lily’s magical child.

lenaa1987 wrote You [Severus/Hermione - 3133 - G]
On Christmas Eve, Hermione is hoping for just one thing.

digthewriter wrote I could deny it if I liked. [Harry/Draco - 3300 - PG-13]
Draco has to begrudgingly help Potter find a Secret Santa gift for Blaise.

kittyaugust wrote Girls Night In [Astoria/Ginny - 540 - NC-17]
With their husbands working late, Ginny and Astoria keep each other company instead.

carpemermaid wrote The Snow Swept You In [Harry/Draco - 2775 - NC-17]
Someone orders Draco Malfoy, escort, for Harry Potter. Harry’s less than keen to have his privacy encroached on, and Draco is determined to show him a good time. He prides himself on being a professional — Potter will not make him lose his head.

articcat621 wrote As Long As You Love Me So [Hermione/Draco - 1606 - PG-13]
Draco takes Hermione to the small, hidden pond in the Manor's back gardens.

paopu_parachute wrote Eyes All Aglow [Neville/Hannah - 1400 - G]
Christmas is Neville’s favorite time of year and so what if he goes a little crazy with it? He has a small army of his friend’s children to entertain (and feed sweets until he sends them home on a sugar high).

lightofdaye wrote Rest Ye Merry [Harry/Parvati - 1340 - PG-13]
Parvati and Harry rarely get a chance to catch their breath. Not even on Christmas Eve.

alisanne wrote The Rescue [Harry/Severus - 2430 - NC-17]
Resigned to a boring evening doing paperwork in the office, Harry jumps at the chance for some action.

katie_flint wrote The Magic of Christmas [Katie/Marcus - 2121 - PG]
Marcus is decorating the entirety of the Flint Manor by hand, all for Katie. Together they decorate their Christmas tree and share a moment underneath it.

reeby10 wrote Spin Round to Me [Millicent/Pansy - 813 - G]
A drunken Yuletide celebration turns a little steamy thanks to a game of spin the bottle and a dare.

flyingharmony wrote Miracles (When You Believe) [Lucius/Narcissa - 2376 - PG-13]
Christmas time has always been special to Narcissa and Lucius, but how can she possibly go on now, knowing that her husband is gone?

rosevalleynb wrote Angels in the Snow [Katie/Marcus - 797 - G]
Post War. Marcus finds a way to help Katie deal with the invisible scars the war has left her with.

themightyflynn wrote A New Year’s Surprise[Oliver/Marcus - 3158 - G]
Oliver is surprised to discover that his New Year’s Eve isn’t going to be as uneventful as he had planned.

unbroken_halo wrote Wishes and Champagne[Harry/Hermione - 1088 - PG]
Every year it was the same, but somehow, this New Year's Harry finally takes a chance on finding someone special.
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