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2015 Mini Fest - Final Masterlist & Reveal!


Thank you to everyone who participated in Round 7 of mini_fest! We had 54 fabulous entries this year! As always, you were fantastic with all the holiday and seasonal love!

Thank you to all the authors and artists that joined in and made the fest a success again this year! We had 14 artists with 18 art submissions and 27 authors with 38 stories!

I love this fest with its riches of holiday creations all in one place and such a wide variety of pairings and characters!

Thank you so much to all who supported the fest once again by creating, reading, commenting, reccing and more!

epithalamium created The ties that bind [Harry/Draco - G]
They're held back by various things, but what are the Christmas hols for after all, if not for giving?

shadowycat created Snowed In [Severus/Minerva - G]
The air is filled with a swirl of white.

bererjs created Let's Drink Together [Slytherin/Gryffindor - G]
They drink together under a moonless sky with snow falling around them.

lemonade8 created Mistletoe [Parvati/Fay - G]
Under the mistletoe at the Yule Ball

imera created Magic in the air [Dean/Seamus - G]
Tired of the cold and snow they go somewhere warm and hot.

cremebunny created Snow Angels [Harry/Draco - G]
Potter, i feel silly!

shadowycat created The Best Gift of All [Severus/Lupin - G]
Knowing someone cares is the best gift of all.

centaury_squill created Merry Christmas [James Sirius Potter - G]
James wishes he hadn't sneaked down to open his present early...

imera created The Secret Tango [Astoria/Blaise - G]
The Malfoy estate held many secrets, one of them being the young wife's affair with her husbands best friend.

akatnamedeaster created Chill in the Air [Snape - G]
After his death, Severus Snape finds himself conscripted into a new role.

nearlyconscious created Yule Ball Hues of Blue [Daphne/Pansy - G]
Daphne and Pansy have a moment at the much awaited Yule Ball.

digthewriter created Snow Globe [Harry/Draco - G]
A little bit of holiday fun!

shadowycat created A Snapely Christmas [Severus - R]
Severus has a gift to deliver...

onthecount created Cozy [Harry/Draco - PG]
Harry and Draco talking about the finer points of Muggle Christmas movies, wine, and where elbows should or should not go.

8c created A New Year's Kiss [Pansy/Ginny - G]
Knowing someone cares is the best gift of all.

sugareey created Let's Start Something [Harry/Draco - R]
Harry and Draco are always keen to start things when it comes to each other: stupid rows, pranks, insults, disasters, whatever. But on New Year's eve, give them time to blow off some steam and talk to each other. When they do mutually agree to starting something entirely's glorious.

unbroken_halo and akatnamedeaster created Lovin' from the Oven [Severus/Sirius - NC-17 - 1071]
Harry and Remus investigate what's keeping Sirius and Severus from their holiday gathering.

shiftylinguini created Bringing in the New Year [James/Teddy - PG - 1028]
Harry is tipsy, Ginny is wise, Teddy is having revelations, and James is not letting anything stop him from getting his kiss. Now, go away Harry!

hastendown created A Pair Of Brass Cufflinks [Remus/Sirius - PG - 3900]
“Remus receives presents from a secret admirer and never imagines it could be his longtime crush…”

gin_biscuit created Patience and Adaptation [Harry/Severus - PG - 7500]
Harry lost his husband several months ago and finds himself alone and pregnant during Christmas time. As he struggles to come to terms with the situation, he meets Snape again and suddenly has to face a whole new set of feelings.

dragontara created On A Christmas Night at St. Mungo's [Harry/Draco - NC-17 - 2091]
Christmas night shift at St. Mungo’s just became more interesting for Harry. Of course it did, because everything always became more interesting when Malfoy was involved.

articcat621 created Slytherins Can Be Charitable [When They Want to Be] [Hermione/Marcus - PG-13 - 1895]
When Hermione Granger walks into his pub, Marcus had no idea that this was how his Christmas Eve would go.

reeby created Just a Kiss [Draco/Ron - G - 1100]
Draco’s lonely Christmas Eve turns out to be not so lonely.

aliensouldream created Harry's Christmas [Harry; Gen - G - 1705]
Harry faces a Christmas alone at Hogwarts.

lyonessheart created Be home for Christmas [Ron/Blaise - G - 1742]
Sometimes it takes a little longer to figure out where your home is, and sometimes it takes only a little to make it clear.

hastendown created The Cure For Moping [Harry/Draco - NC-17 - 2991]
Harry has always hated the office Christmas parties. This is the worst one yet, though, because it seems like he just can’t keep his thoughts to himself tonight. Yes, he may have had a tad too much to drink.

torino10154 created The Warmth of a Smile [Severus/Harry - PG - 680]
It's Christmas Eve and there's nobody to come home to. Harry (or Severus) decides to stay in the office.

alafaye created Pranked [George/Harry, Ginny/Hermione - 555 - PG]
Ginny and Hermione are tired of George and Harry moping around.

kellychambliss created Dark and Deep [Minerva/Severus - PG-13 - 2350]
For Severus Snape, Christmas Day is merely something to be endured and suffered through. But not this year.

unbroken_halo created Sensible Decor [Neville, Severus, Albus; various - PG - 1532]
There's always someone displeased with the castle's holiday decorations, but Neville soldiers on in his task.

leontinabowie created Draco's Elf [Harry/Draco - PG-13 - 2300]
Draco is miserable and set in his routine, until a drunk Potter appears at his door on Christmas Eve.

delphipsmith created A Part of Yesterday [Petunia/Severus - NC-17 - 6655]
An invitation from Petunia's nephew brings bittersweet memories and a revelation.

hastendown created This Year's For Me And You [Sirius/Remus - 5548 - R]
Over the course of the Christmas holidays, Sirius and Remus explore their newly established relationship through a series of achingly sweet love letters.

burnin_up_a_sun created Love Letters in the Sand [Harry/Draco - NC-17 - 5000]
Draco hates the cold. HATES. So Harry plans the best Christmas Eve trip--to the Wizarsing World of Harry Potter, a theme park based on a 7 book biography of The Chosen One, written by Ministry employee, JK Rowling. Hilarity and sexy times ensue

dragontara created The Way Home [Harry/Draco - NC-17 - 5891]
Sometimes life takes surprising turns before you find the way home.

alafaye created Worth the Effort [Charlie/Draco - G - 809]
Draco's looking forward to a quiet Christmas Eve when a drunk Weasley shows up to his door.

ayebydan created People Change [Harry/Draco - PG-13 - 991]
Harry volunteers to work Christmas Day in St Mungos so Healers with families can stay at home. The day is long and tiring and during the night he finds Draco Malfoy in the healer lounge arguing with the coffee maker.

goddess47 created The Present of Presence [Harry/Severus - PG - 1000]
Maybe, just maybe, next year Severus might change his mind.

hikarievandar created I Can See a Better Time [Rodolphus/Sirius - PG - 948]
Rodolphus slips away from his wife and in-laws in order to salvage his Yule.

enchanted_jae created Fun in the Snow [Harry/Draco - PG-13 - 725]
Harry shows Draco how to make snow angels. :D

articcat621 created His Guardian Angel [Hermione/Severus - PG-13 - 772]
Hermione Granger is always watching and worrying – of that he can be sure.

unbroken_halo created Drink of Christmas Cheer [Harry/Hermione - PG - 1788]
Hermione wants Christmas to be perfect, Winky just wants to help and Harry, well, Harry likes Buck's Fizz.

ereshai created In Eggnog, Veritas(erum) [Harry/Draco - G - 900]
The Ministry's annual Yule Ball is a great place to network, but it's also deadly dull. This year, things are going to get a little more lively.

suitesamba created Not Like Your Dad [Lavender/Hugo - PG - 2100]
Hugo doesn’t particularly like working at the joke shop over his hols, but a drop-in by a woman who used to know his dad makes it all worth while.

alafaye created Christmas With Uncle Remus and Uncle Severus [Lily/James, Remus/Severus - G - 844]
Both Lily and James are called into work so Harry is spending the holiday with his uncles.

flyingharmony created Winter Song [Lucius/Narcissa - PG-13 - 1575]
Narcissa has always adored celebrating the Winter Solstice with her husband more than anything else, but the war causes everything to crumble.

hastendown created The Greater Good [Harry/Draco - PG - 3674]
Draco gets trapped under the spell of a Magical Mistletoe. He’s forced to wait for his Perfect Match to kiss him so he can walk around freely again. Who on earth could it be, though?

lilyeyes created Happy Christmas, Harry [Severus/Harry - PG - 6200]
Severus Snape hated secrets and he knew Quirrell had one and it had something to do with Harry Potter.

ryudaaku created Lute, Concert Standard [Harry/Draco - PG-13 - 5129]
Goyle accidentally breaks Draco's charmed lute, the Eighth Year Slytherins try to do some damage control, Harry is confused, and Draco tries to do The Right Thing. Meanwhile, Ron, Hermione, and Pansy commiserate over the fact that things always end up being about Harry and Draco, and George and Percy are blessedly high and manage not to interrupt an important reconciliation.

josephinestone created Just a Thank You [Ginny/Luna - PG - 900]
'When did you get together?' was a common question people asked all couples, and for most couples it was an easy one to answer.

digthewriter created Being There [Sirius/Harry - NC-17 - 720]
Sirius wakes up from a bad dream and Harry is there to comfort him.

unbroken_halo created Cold December Nights [Severus/Sirius - PG-13 - 7928]
Severus receives some disturbing news that upsets his and Sirius' holiday plans.

reynardo created Priorities [Luna/Kevin - PG - 661]
It might be a good idea to make sure you're both on the same piece of parchment.

lrthunder created A Sister In Need [Albus Severus/Lily Luna - NC-17 - 1283]
It's New Years Eve, and Lily's siblings have someone to shag, but she doesn't. Enter her brother, Al.
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